SedDB Tools

Multivariate Statistical Analysis

'Multivariate statistical analysis and partitioning of sedimentary geochemical data sets: General principles and specific MATLAB scripts"

This technical brief published in G-Cubed in 2013 by SedDB team members Nick Pisias (Oregon State University) and Rick Murray (Boston University) provides MATLAB scripts to assist users in factor analysis, constrained least squares regression, and total inversion techniques.





  • GeoMapApp is an integrated mapping application, designed to aid data exploration and visualization. GeoMapApp is developed as part of the Marine Geoscience Data System.
  • Virtual Ocean, integrates GeoMapApp with the NASA World Wind 3D earth browser to create a powerful new platform for interdisciplinary rsearch and education.
  • EarthObserver which is a mobile application for planetary exploration of a wide range of earth and environmental science topics.
  • CoreWall is a collaborative project to develop a system for real-time stratigraphic correlation, core description (CD) and data visualization to be used by the marine, terrestrial and Antarctic science communities.



The CoreWall suite includes:


Corelyzer --a scalable, extensible visualization tool developed to enhance the study of geological cores

Correlator --which is used to create composite and spliced stratigraphic sections from multiple cores for core-core and core-log integration

CoreNavigator--a 3D visual indexer of complex core-stratigraphic sedimentary datasets and databases.

CoreRef --provides web-based access to core imagery and data for over 1600 marine, antarctic, and  continental drill holes