EarthChem Presentations



  • 2014 Critical Zone Observatory Cyber-Seminar Series: K.A. Lehnert and L. Hsu, The IGSN and Geosamples: Physical Samples as Part of an Earth Science Cyberinfrastructure. view


  • 2013 EGU General Assembly: K.A. Lehnert and L. Hsu, Data Publication: The Role of Community-Based, Disciplinary Repositories. abstract
  • 2013 EGU General Assembly: J. Klump and K.A. Lehnert, Use-cases and services for unique identifiers in the geological sciences. abstract
  • 2013 EGU General Assembly: I. Zaslavsky; A. Couch; S. Richard; D. Valentine; K. Lehnert; K. Stocks; P. Murphy, Assessing readiness of cyberinfrastructure resources for cross-domain interoperability: a view from an NSF EarthCube roadmap. abstract
  • 2013 Research Data Symposium: A. de Waard, K.A. Lehnert, S.M. Carbotte. Bootstrapping Data Deposition in the Earth Sciences: A Joint Elsevier/IEDA Initiative To Ramp Up Research Data Import. abstract
  • 2013 GSA: K.A. Lehnert, Advancing Data Stewardship to Build a Sustainable Data Infrastructure. abstract
  • 2013 AGU: J.S. Horsburgh; A.K. Aufdenkampe; K.A. Lehnert; E. Mayorga; D.G. Tarboton; I. Zaslavsky; D.W. Valentine; T. Whitenack, Entending the Interoperability of Sensor and Sample Based Earth Observations using a Community Information Model (Invited).
  • 2013 AGU: L. Hsu; K.A. Lehnert; S.M. Carbotte; V.L. Ferrini; J.W. Delano; J.B. Gill; M. Tivey, Rescue of Long-Tail Data from the Ocean Bottom to the Moon.
  • 2013 AGU: K.A. Lehnert; M.S. Ghiorso; F. S. Spear, Data-driven Science in Geochemistry & Petrology: Vision and Reality.
  • 2013 AGU: L.E. Clor; T.P. Fischer; K.A. Lehnert; B. McCormick; E.H. Hauri, A New Comprehensive Database of Global Volcanic Gas Analyses.


  • 2012 AGU: L. Hsu; K.A. Lehnert; S.M. Carbotte; R.A. Arko; V.L. Ferrini; S.H. O'Hara; J.D. Walker, Use of Persistent Identifiers to link Heterogeneous Data Systems in the Integrated Earth Data Applications (IEDA) Facility. 
  • 2012 AGU: J. Morton; V.L. Ferrini; S.M. Carbotte; K.A. Lehnert, Integrated Earth Data Applications (IEDA) Tools for Data Management Plans and Data Compliance Reporting.
  • 2012 AGU: K.A. Lehnert; S.M. Carbotte; V.L. Ferrini; L. Hsu; R. A. Arko; J.D. Walker; S.H. O'Hara, Advancing Long Tail Data Capture and Access Through Trusted, Community-Driven Data Services at the IEDA Data Facility.


  • 2011 GSA: K.A. Lehnert, From darkness to light: the long tail of sample-based data in the next decade. abstract
  • 2011 AGU: Leslie Hsu; Kerstin A. Lehnert; J D. Walker; Celine Chan; Jason Ash; Annika K. Johansson; Tiffany A. Rivera, Maximizing data holdings and data documentation with a hierarchical system for sample-based geochemical data. poster
  • 2011 AGU: J. Douglas Walker; Jason Ash; James F. Bowring; Samuel A. Bowring; Alan L. Deino; Roman Kislytsyn; Anthony A. Koppers; Noah M. McLean; Kerstin A. Lehnert, Collaboration of EarthChem and EARTHTIME to Develop a Geochronology and Thermochronology Database.
  • 2011 AGU: Tiffany A. Rivera; Kerstin A. Lehnert; Leslie Hsu; Annika K. Johansson, Overcoming Challenges to Making Data Re-Usable: The Example of Geochemical Databases. poster
  • 2011 Columbia University Interview Series Research Without Borders: S. Choudhury; V.C. Stodden; K.A. Lehnert; P. Schlosser, Data Management and Federal Funding: What Researchers Need to Know. watch


  • 2010 AGU: K. A. Lehnert; S. M. Carbotte; V. Ferrini; R. A. Arko; S. Chan; W. B. Ryan, Advancing Access, Attribution, and Integration of Earth & Ocean Science Data: Integrated Services of the Marine Geoscience Data System and the Geoinformatics for Geochemistry Program. abstract
  • 2010 GSA: E.K. Jordan, Raye, U., Carr, M.J., Feigenson, M., Gill, J.B., Kimura, J.I., Stern, R.J., Tamura, Y., Van Keken, P.E., Lehnert, K.A., MARGINS geo-cybereducation about the subduction factory. abstract
  • 2010 IMDIS: K.A. Lehnert. The International Geo Sample Number as a Global Standard for Sample Identification. abstract


  • 2009 University of Mainz Institut für Mathematik und Informatik - K. A. Lehnert; "Die Fünfte Dimension der (Geo)Wissenschaften: Digitale Daten"
  • GSA 2009: Johansson, A., Lehnert, K., and Block, K., Sedimentary Provenance Studies Using a Free Online Geochemical database: Better, Faster, Stronger with SedDB. abstract
  • GSA 2009 - South Central Section:  Lehnert, K.A. "Supporting Science with Geoinformatics" Abstract
  • GSA 2009 - South Central Section:  Block, K.A. and Bavoso M.T. "Database management and database development of the EarthChem Deep Lithosphere Dataset as a Student Research Primer"
  • 2009 LDEO Geodynamics Seminar:   Lehnert, K.A. "The 5th Dimension of Geochemistry"
  • 2009 EarthChem Special Seminar:  Klump, J.  "Every Bit Counts: Publication and Citation of Data in the Earth Sciences", LDEO pdf
  • 2009 EarthChem Special Seminar:  Bose, R. "Extending the Reach of Academic Research in the Digital Age", LDEO pdf


  • AGU 2008: Block, K. A., Stern R. J., Bavoso, M. T., Lehnert, K. A. "Development of a Uniform Classification Tool for Peridotites Through the use of Geochemical Data From the EarthChem Deep Lithosphere Dataset" Poster abstract
  • AGU 2008: Lehnert, K. A., Walker, J. D., Block, K. A., Vinay, S. "EarthChem and SESAR: Data Resources and Interoperability for EarthScope Cyberinfrastructure" Poster abstract
  • AGU 2008: Snyder, W. S.Lehnert, K. A., Ito, E., Harms, U., Klump, J. "GeosciNET: Building a Global Geoinformatics Partnership" Oral Presentation Poster abstract
  • IKC 2008: Lehnert K and J Klump, "Facilitating Research in Mantle Petrology with Geoinformatics", Poster abstract
  • IGC 2008: Dirks, P; Lehnert, K. A; Wilson, A; Chunnett, G; Cloete, M; Nyblade, A "Building Capacity in Africa through Geoinformatics Application in Geochemistry" abstract
  • IGC 2008: Lehnert, K; Brantley S L; Challenges for Open Data Sharing in Geochemistry abstract
  • Goldschmidt 2008:   Lehnert, K, Envisioning the Future of Geochemical Databases abstract
  • EGU 2008: Lehnert, K. A.; Harms, U.; Ito, E.; Klump, J.; Snyder, W. S. "Promises, Achievements, and Challenges of Networking Global Geoinformatics Resources - Experiences of GeosciNET and EarthChem" abstract


  • AGU 2007: Lehnert, K A, Walker, D, Vinay, S, Djapic, B, Ash, J, Falk, B "Community-Based Development of Standards for Geochemical and Geochronological Data" abstract
  • AGU 2007: Block, K A, Ducea, M, Raye, U, Stern, R J, Anthony, E Y, Lehnert, K A "A Chemistry-Based Classification for Peridotite Xenoliths" abstract
  • AGU 2007: Lehnert, K A, Carbotte, S, Tsuboi, S, Weinrebe W, "Building a Global Data Network for Studies of Earth Processes at the World's Plate Boundaries" abstract
  • AGU 2007: Block, K A, Lehnert, K A, Johansson, A K, Herzberg, C T, Stern, R J, Bloomer, S, Gerard-Little, P, Paul, M, Raye, U, Sou, N "Fostering Education and Research Goals Through Partnerships Between Academic Programs and Geoinformatics Projects" abstract
  • MARGINS IBM Workshop 2007: Block K A, Lehnert K A, Johansson A, "Online Geochemical Database Resources for Teaching: The Subduction Factory and Beyond" poster
  • MARGINS IBM Workshop 2007: Block K A, "Chemical Inputs and Outputs at Subduction Zones: A MARGINS Mini-lesson" poster
  • MARGINS Workshop: Johansson A.K., Lehnert, K.A., Goldstein, S.G., Murray, R. M., Pisias, N., Djapic, B., Pascuzzi, F., Vinyagamoorthy, S., and Block, K, "Subduction Factory Studies in the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc System: Results and Future Plans" pdf
  • GSA 2007: Lehnert, K A, "The PetDB Data Collection: Impact on Science" abstract
  • GSA 2007: Lehnert, K A, "My Data. Your Data. Our Data! - Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Open Data Sharing" abstract
  • GSA 2007: Walker, J D, Lehnert K A, Ash J, Jones E, Block K, Vinayagamoorthy S, "EarthChem: New Developments" abstract
  • Goldschmidt 2007: Lehnert, K, Walker D., Sarbas, B., EarthChem -- A Geochemistry Data Network, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Volume 71, Issue 15, Supplement 1, August 2007
  • Geoinformatics 2007:  Lehnert, Kerstin A., Geoinformatics for Geochemistry (GFG): Integrated Digital Data Collections for the Earth and Ocean Sciences abstract
  • Geoinformatics 2007:  Arko, Robert A., Melkonian, Andrew K., Carbotte, Suzanne M., Lehnert, Kerstin A., and Vinayagamoorthy, Sri, Web Services for Geoscience Data:  Experiences and Lessons abstract
  • Geoinformatics 2007:  Lehnert, Kerstin A., Edwards, Paul N., Jackson, Steven, and Bowkers, Geoffrey, The Cultural and Social Challenges of Developing Geoinformatics: Insights from Social, Domain, and Information Sciences abstract
  • NSF Presentation April 2007:  Lehnert, K.,  People:  The Ultimate Challenge in Developing Cyberinfrastructure.  Experiences in the Geosciences
  • EarthScope National Meeting 2007:  Block, K. A., Lehnert, K. A., Ducea, M.,  EarthChem's Deep Lithosphere Dataset:  Web-Based Access to Mantle Xenolith Geochemistry and Petrology PPT
  • MARGINS Education Workshop 2007:  Block, K. A., Lehnert, K. A., Using EarthChem Geochemical Data in MARGINS-Themed Undergraduate Teaching PPT


  • AGU 2006:  Block, K. A., Lehnert, K. A., Walker, J. D., Fishman, A., McDonough, W. F.  The EarthChem Deep Lithosphere Dataset:  Digital Access to Mantle Xenolith Petrological Data PPT
  • GSA 2006:  Block, K. A., et al.,  EarthChem & GeoFrame:  Supporting New Science with Advanced Access to Petrological Data of the Deep Lithosphere abstract


  • AGU 2005: Walker, J. D.; Lehnert, K. A.; Hofmann, A. W.; Sarbas, B.; Carlson, R. W. EarthChem: International Collaboration for Solid EarthGeochemistry and Geoinformatics abstract
  • GEON Annual Meeting 2005: EarthChem: Solid Earth Geochemistry in Geoinformatics. Presentation


  • AGU 2004: Building the EarthChem System for Advanced Data Management in Igneous Geochemistry. Poster


  • GSA Seattle 2003: "  Integrating Data Management for Igneous Geochemistry" Abstract PDF
  • GERM Workshop Lyon 2003: "Advanced Data Management in Igneous Geochemistry"Abstract PDF




Please see the Workshops page for Workshop reports

  • Cervato, C.; Goldstein, S. L.; Grossman, E. L.; Lehnert, K., McArthur, J. M.; "Joint Discussion of Sedimentary Geochemistry Data Management Systems That Cross the Waterline." Eos, Vol. 85, No. 44, 2 November 2004 PDF
  • Lehnert et al. (2000): "A Global Geochemical Database Structure for Rocks" G-CUBED PDF
  • Tikoff, B. et al. (2006) An Integrated Geologic Framework for EarthScope's USArray, EOS vol. 87 number 23 PDF