Recent News

  • Release of PetDB v2.7.0

    Oct 2013. Check out the new version of PetDB, v.2.7.0, with new features and bug fixes that improve access to data.


    • Direct link to the MGDS Cruise Catalog and additional information about the cruise is displayed on the PetDB Expedition page for cruises that are in the MGDS catalog.
    • New tabs for Station Info, Sample Info, and Reference Info on the Expedition page, replacing the old buttons for pop-up windows.
    • Updated the GMRT (Global Multi Resolution Topography) base map to the latest version.
    • Improvements to the performance of Tag-Along data downloads, including bug fix to maintain the "Tag Along" selection when 'Next Page' or 'Previous Page' is clicked. 

    Let us know what you think about the new version by emailing, or by clicking the orange feedback button on the right-hand side of the webpage.


  • EarthChem's Lehnert and Walker receive Distinguished Service Awards

    Sept 2013. On Thursday, August 29th, the Geochemical Society had the 2013 Distinguished Service Award Ceremony at the Goldschmidt Conference. EarthChem's Kerstin Lehnert and Douglas Walker were among the recipients of the award for "their long-running efforts to bring modern on-line data management to geochemistry." ..."Their contributions in data compilation and improvements to the standard of data reporting in the geochemical community are paving the way to a future where geochemical data can be efficiently preserved, easily and intelligently queried and discovered, and thereby be used for scientific discovery by the broad geoscience research and education community."


    Klaus Peter Jochum, Kerstin Lehnert, and Baerbel Sarbas

    receiving their Distinguished Service Awards. Not pictured is Douglas Walker.

  • Editors Roundtable at Goldschmidt 2013

    The Editors Roundtable that was established during the Goldschmidt Conference 2007 to develop recommendations for best practices in geochemical data publication will re-convene for the first time since 2008 at the upcoming Goldschmidt Conference 2013.


    The Editors’ Roundtable released a Policy Statement in January 2009 regarding ‘Requirements for the Publication of Geochemical Data’ to guide editorial policies and recommend best practices. Since 2009, many developments in public policies, digital publication capabilities, and scientific data infrastructure have impacted and substantially augmented the relevance of access and management of research data. It is therefore timely to take advantage of the upcoming Goldschmidt Conference and re-assemble the Editors Roundtable to assess the status of data publication practices and data access in geochemistry, and review and eventually revise the Editors Roundtable Policy Statement in the light of the new data landscape.


    If you are an editor or publisher and interested to join the Editors Roundtable, please contact

  • EarthChem Town Hall at Goldschmidt 2013 in Florence, Italy

    Please join us at the EarthChem Town Hall at the upcoming Goldschmidt Conference 2013!


    When: Monday, August 26, 2013, 12:30PM

    Where: Room L08 of the conference venue



    We will provide updates on recent developments in data publication and digital management of geochemical data and samples., including reports on recent workshops that have focused on the development of cyberinfrastructure, and other related initiatives. Topics will include:


    • Publication and Citation of data and samples; Editors Roundtable in Geochemistry
    • IEDA’s Data Rescue Initiative
    • Report on EarthCube workshop ‘Developing a Cyberinfrastructure Vision for Geochemistry & Petrology’
    • Report on workshop ‘Geomaterials Genome project’ (M. Ghiorso)
    • The Internet of Samples

    Looking forward to see you in Florence.


    For any questions, please contact