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  • New EarthChem Portal version released

    Sept 2009: The EarthChem Portal has been upgraded with new functionality!


    A new version of the EarthChem Portal has been released that features the following new functionality:

    • Search by sample age;
    • Search by material type: select between BULK rock data (Whole rock/rock/glass/groundmass), WHOLE ROCK/ROCK data only, GLASS (volcanic glass) data only, and GLASS/INCLUSION data only;
    • Search by CIPW normalized composition
    • Access to 'Affiliate Data': Searches at the EarthChem Portal now will return links to geochemical data in the GANSEKI database, the Deep Seafloor Rock Sample Database of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC). GANSEKI is an Affiliate of the EarthChem Global Data Network.