Restoration and Synthesis of Planetary Geochemical Data

Feb 2015. There will be a meeting prior to the LPSC (Lunar and Planetary Science Conference) on the archiving of lunar (and other planetary sample) data, particularly on geochemical data (e.g., bulk compositions, microprobe mineral analyses, isotopic data, etc.). More details about the meeting are below.


...I think this is a very worthwhile project; having a searchable database encompassing the previous 45 years of Apollo sample data would be an invaluable resource to the science community. As an example of the type of data product that would be in the database, please see the following link.


As food will be provided at the meeting, please send me an email indicating your level of interest in attending the meeting (e.g., yes, maybe).



Dr. Ryan A. Zeigler
Apollo Sample Curator
NASA - Johnson Space Center


Restoration and Synthesis of Planetary Geochemical Data
Sunday, March 15, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m., Spring Meeting Room


This event is for planetary scientists with personal archives of unpublished lunar and planetary sample data (geochemistry, mineralogy, etc.) and investigators who are interested in the development of lunar and planetary geochemical databases to discuss data recovery and learn how to compile, document, and publish their legacy data for inclusion in online databases (e.g., IEDA). We will show how these data will be synthesized and made searchable by demonstrating the PetDB data system that hosts similar data for terrestrial samples.