New Aleutian Arc datasets in PetDB

Mar 2015. Guided by a group of Aleutian Arc investigators, high-profile geochemical analytical data sets were identified to aid the research community working in this area in data synthesis and interpretation. Over 9,000 geochemical data points from 50 references spanning the years 1961-2010 have been added to PetDB, including 2,400 mineral and over 1,000 melt inclusion analyses. Figure 1 shows the location of samples for which there are data available in PetDB. Figure 2, which depicts 144Nd/143Nd values across the arc, provides an example of the data probing that is now possible because of the recent data additions. To access the data, search PetDB by “Feature Name>Volcanic Arc>Aleutian/Kamchatka/Kuril-Kamchatka.”



Fig 1. Locations of samples along Aleutian Arc with data in PetDB


Fig 2. Nd isotope data available for Aleutian Arc samples in PetDB