EarthChem Library Release Notes

EarthChem Library version 3.3

November 2015

  1. Implemented map search.
  2. Enhanced database schema by adding a new table to store geometry information, modified existing schema to link IGSN with geometry information.
  3. Generated several scripts to backfill all geometry and IGSNs into database.
  4. Generated script to automate IGSN and geometry loading.
  5. Bug fix to ensure correct datasets returned during search by IGSN.
  6. EarthChem Library version 3.2

    July 2015

    1. Ability for a user to save a session if a submission is incomplete and finish at a later time with the "Save Progress" button.
    2. Implemented Search by IGSN on the Search page, which returns submissions with a given IGSN.
    3. Improved author/person search to handle the combination of first and last names instead of just one or the other.
    4. Aligned the search functionality on the admin and public interfaces
    5. Admin interface improvement - align display of file names
    6. Schema improved with respect to dataset lists, coauthor lists, and status definitions.
    7. Bug fix for Chrome browser when file download includes a comma
    8. Improvement to data type selection on webform - pulls from the database, and type "SocialScience" added.

    EarthChem Library version 3.1

    February 2015

    1. Added web service to connect EarthChemLibrary to the Elsevier Science Direct web site.

    EarthChem Library version 3.0

    November 2014

    1. Updated to PostgreSQL 9.3.5
    2. Improved security of database changes
    3. Improvements to admin interface - auto generated DOI notification and .json file
    4. Added dynamically generated "How to Cite this Data" to each dataset profile page
    5. Backfilled original name of legacy files where possible, giving a more descriptive file download name.

    EarthChem Library version 2.5.2

    April 2014

    1. Improvements to Thomson-Reuter metadata generation

    EarthChem Library version 2.5.1

    February 2014

    1. Added option to save Thomson-Reuter metadata to XML file

    EarthChem Library version 2.5.0

    February 2014

    1. Improvements to admin interface: file add, replace, and remove
    2. Improvements to admin interface: additional metadata edit functionality

    EarthChem Library version 2.4.0

    October 2013

    1. Ability to upload and download multiple files
    2. Added search by datatype
    3. Added browse by related synthesis database
    4. Enhanced author entry