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Kelley Thumbnail Kelley et al. (2013), Composition of plume-influenced mid-ocean ridge lavas and glasses from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, East Pacific Rise, Galapagos Spreading Center, and Gulf of Aden

Plumes of mantle-derived material impinge on or otherwise interact with oceanic spreading centers in many locations throughout the world. These interactions often result in unique geochemical signatures in ridge lavas due to variations in mantle source composition. Kelley et al. (2013) presents high resolution and high precision trace element data for 573 samples of variably plume-influenced… Read More

Delano Thumbnail IEDA Data Rescue Mini-Award: Lunar Samples

An enduring legacy of the Apollo program is the lunar sample collection that is currently maintained and curated at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. These samples, obtained at tremendous cost and great risk, are the only samples that have ever been returned by astronauts from the surface of another planetary body.

Gill Thumbnail IEDA Data Rescue Mini-Award: Fiji, Izu, and Endeavour

Sample metadata and geochemical analyses from over 40 years of research in the Fiji Arc, Izu Arc, and the Endeavour segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge have been compiled by James B. Gill, at the University of California, Santa Cruz. These data have been critical in studies of intra-oceanic arcs and spreading centers.

Carbotte thumbnail Carbotte et al. (2013), Fine-scale segmentation of the crustal magma reservoir beneath the East Pacific Rise, Nature Geoscience

The global mid-ocean ridge is segmented in its seafloor morphology and magmatic systems, but the origin of and relationships between this tectonic and magmatic segmentation are poorly understood. At fast-spreading ridges, tectonic segmentation is observed on a fine scale but it is unclear whether this partitioning also occurs in the magmatic system. Fine-scale tectonic segmentation could have… Read More