Carmichael (2014), Chemical Analysis of Silicate Rocks: A Manual

The late Dr. Ian S. E. Carmichael (pictured) was known as a "giant in the field of igneous processes and volcanoes." His groundbreaking work included the development and use of a suite of analytical techniques for the determination of silicate rock composition. He compiled these techniques into a manual in 1985 that has been used in laboratory experiments by many scientists, including Dr. Rebecca Lange (photo credit) and Dr. Terry Plank. Until recently, however, the manual was not discoverable by the broader science community because it was unpublished and had no digital presence. Thanks to contributors Lange and Plank, Carmichael's manual has now been published in the EarthChem Library.


The manual, Chemical Analysis of Silicate Rocks, outlines a range of analytical methods including colorimetric, gravimetric, and volumetric determinations of many major oxides and trace elements in silicate rocks. Each technique includes step-by-step instructions and notes concerning which types of samples the method is best-suited for. 


As Carmichael wrote in the introduction, "All else being equal, a first rate analysis is the result of first rate technique." Carmichael's manual has certainly aided many in conducting first rate analyses and now that his manual has been published in the EarthChem Library, we hope it will continue to aid many more in the future.


Note: Since it was released on May 1st, 2014, Carmichael's manual has already been downloaded from the EarthChem Library more than 100 times!


Carmichael, Ian S. (2014): Chemical Analysis of Silicate Rocks: A Manual. EarthChem Library.