Data Submission Templates

A wide range of data templates are available for submitting data to the EarthChem Library.*


Data templates are available for various data types such as bulk elemental analysis (majors, traces), bulk isotope analysis, mineral analysis (in-situ analysis), and melt inclusion analysis. If a template does not yet exist for your data type, you may edit an existing template to fit your needs or contact us at



Geochronology data such as (U-Th)/He, U-Pb, Ar-Ar, cosmogenic nuclides, and U-series data should be submitted to the Geochron system. During the submission process, you will seamlessly be able to contribute your data to the EarthChem Library.

Send Comments & Suggestions

We welcome user feedback regarding all aspects of EarthChem systems. Please send your comments and suggestions to

*Primary analytical data may be incorporated into EarthChem synthesis databases (e.g., PetDB) by EarthChem data managers if thematically appropriate, in which case the data will also be made accessible via the EarthChem Portal.