Before submitting to the EarthChem Library, please review our Data Submission Guidelines and confirm that your dataset meets all requirements. 

What to contribute


We welcome contributions of a broad range of data, including but not limited to, compositional data for rocks, minerals, melt and fluid inclusions, volcanic gases, soils, water, and more; geochemical synthesis datasets; geochronological data*; petrographic descriptions of samples; kinetic data from geochemical and petrological experiments; maps; and sample images. 

You may contribute data in any format, but tabular data must be in .csv, .xls, .xlsx or .txt. We strongly recommend the use of data submission templates, which expedites dataset publication. Data which does not meet the ECL Data Submission Guidelines takes longer to process or may be rejected. 

*Geochronology data such as (U-Th)/He, U-Pb, Ar-Ar, cosmogenic nuclides, and U-series data should be submitted to the Geochron system. During the submission process, you will seamlessly be able to contribute your data to the EarthChem Library.

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