Contribute Your Data to EarthChem

EarthChem encourages investigators to contribute their data to the EarthChem data systems so that these data can be discovered and reused now and in the future.


contribute dataContribute data to the EarthChem Library.


What Types of Data Can Be Contributed?

EarthChem provides repository services for the following data types:

For more information, please click on the data type in the list above.



How to Contribute Your Data

Compositional Geochemistry

EarthChem accepts primary analytical data such as major element or oxide, trace element, or isotopic compositions for any geological material, including

  • whole rock data
  • volcanic glass data
  • sediment data
  • mineral data
  • melt & fluid inclusion data
  • hydrothermal fluid data
  • water data

Datasets should be submitted to the EarthChem Library using EarthChem templates for primary analytical data. Please, check the EarthChem Data Submission Guidelines for further information.


Primary analytical data may be transferred to EarthChem synthesis databases (PetDB, NAVDAT, SedDB, Deep Lithosphere Dataset) by EarthChem data managers if thematically appropriate, and will also be made accessible via the EarthChem Portal.



Geochrolonogy data such as (U-Th)/He, U-Pb, Ar-Ar, cosmogenic nuclides, and U-series data should be submitted to the Geochron system. Please, follow the instructions at the Geochron.



Petrographic datasets are accepted via the EarthChem Library


Geochemical synthesis datasets

Geochemical synthesis datasets, where data from many investigators is collected, are accepted via the EarthChem Library


Experimental datasets

Experimental dataset are accepted via the EarthChem Library.


Sample Metadata

Sample Metadata are accepted via SESAR, the System for Earth SAmple Registration. Sample materials supported are rocks, minerals, sediments, soils, liquids, gases, biology, and more. Visit the SESAR Help page for more information. 


Technical Reports

Technical reports are accepted via the EarthChem Library


Software Tools

Software tools such as MATLAB code (.m files), and Excel macros (.xlsm files) are accepted via the EarthChem Library.



Images are accepted via the IEDA MediaBank or as attachments to sample profiles in SESAR.