About EarthChem Portal Data

Data Discovery through the EarthChem Portal

The one-stop-shop for geochemical data gives users the ability to
  • search federated databases PetDB, NAVDAT, and GEOROC simultaneously
  • simple and straightforward access to all data holdings
  • define queries using criteria such as location, rock type, and author
  • create datasets specifically tailored to their needs
  • obtain data from different databases integrated into a common output format

Data Preservation through Topical Data Collections

EarthChem provides a centralized location where users can browse and access topical data collections put together by EarthChem and by investigators who wish to share their efforts.  The Deep Lithosphere Dataset is the first topical dataset served under EarthChem and is currently being populated with geochemical and petrological data from deep crustal and mantle xenoliths accommodated into the PetDB data structure.  For more information on the data model go to our For Developers page.