About EarthChem Data


EarthChem operates and maintains data systems that provide access to geochemical and geochronological data. Data Systems hold a variety of measured values and descriptive metadata, with the purpose of preservation, discovery, and reuse of geochemical datasets.

  • PetDB holds geochemical data from sub-oceanic igneous and metamorphic rocks generated at mid-ocean ridges including back-arc basins, young seamounts, and old oceanic crust. Data are compiled primarily from the published literature.
  • SedDB integrates marine and terrestrial sediment geochemical data compiled primarily from the published literature.
  • Deep Lithosphere Data Set contains geochemical and petrological data from lower crust and upper mantle xenoliths. (more info)
  • VentDB contains hydrothermal spring geochemistry that hosts and serves the full range of compositional data acquired on seafloor hydrothermal vents from all tectonic settings.
  • Geochron is an application that helps with the onerous task of data management for geochronological and thermochronological studies.
  • EarthChemPortal is the one-stop-shop for geochemical data that gives users the ability to search federated databases PetDB, NAVDAT, and GEOROC simultaneously, integrated into a common output format. (more info)
  • The EarthChem Library is a repository for geochemical datasets (analytical data, experimental data, synthesis databases) and other digital resources relevant to the field of geochemistry, contributed by the geochemistry community.


Analytical Data

The EarthChem systems include analytical data on geologic materials, including major and trace element concentrations, and radiogenic and stable isotope ratios. PetDB holds this data for volcanic glasses, whole rock samples, minerals, and melt inclusions. The Deep Lithosphere Dataset offers the same data as PetDB, but also includes modal abundance, host rock-xenolith relationships, and thermobarometry, as reported in the original articles, for deep crustal and mantle xenoliths. SedDB has analytical data for both inorganic and organic matrices for diverse suites of samples (e.g. seafloor and sub-seafloor, lakes and rivers, nodules) and subsamples of material such as individual biological components, leachates, and size fractions. SedDB also has geological age and age model data (either as assigned sample ages and/or tie points) for a number of drill cores. 



Metadata include information about analytical procedure and data quality (method, precision, standard measurements), a wide range of contextual information about the samples (rock type, texture, age, modal composition, alteration), sample locations (geospatial coordinates, location names, tectonic setting), sampling process (technique, date, cruise), analytical procedures, and the source of the data (references, authors).


Current Data Holdings and Data Search

Please visit the data system pages to learn more about data holding volumes or to search the data.